The High Peak Adrenaline 70 + 10 was provided by High Peak for the purpose of this review

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Three hours before I was scheduled to leave on a camping trip for the weekend the High Peak Adrenaline 70 + 10 showed up on my doorstep. Even though this trip was not a backpacking trip, I wanted to see how all my gear fit into the pack. When I go on non-backpacking camping trips, I tend to pack a lot more gear then I would for a backpacking trip so this trip was going to be a true test for the backpack. I always lay all my gear out on my bed then start from the bottom of my pack and move up. I first stuffed my sleeping bag in the bottom compartment of the pack. It easily fit in there with room to spare so I stuffed two camping pillows in there with my sleeping bag. I attached my sleeping pad to the outside of the pack with the straps. There are two sections on the outside straps so there is room for a sleeping pad and a tent if you need the room on the inside main compartment. I chose to put my tent in the main compartment, which has access from the front or the top, standing up vertical on one side then proceeded to stuff all my clothes (I put all my clothes in gallon size Ziploc bags to compress them and to keep dry in case of rain) on the other side of the bag. All my clothes for three days fit easily in the main compartment with the tent with room to spare. I also had room to put my cooking / eating ware inside the main compartment. There is a sleeve inside the main compartment for a hydration bladder with a hole at the top for the water tube to come out. I did not even use the two side pockets called bellow pockets on the outside of the main compartment. The bellow pockets lay flat unless in use where they would then expand out. They are approximately 12 inches long by 8 inches wide and can expand out about 6 inches. You could put your stove, fuel, food and water purifying system in the side pockets. The side (bellow) pockets open and close with an easy sliding zipper. On top of the pack there is an expandable, detachable top lid. It has two compartments. The larger of the two appears to be waterproof and is expandable. I was able to put a lot of miscellaneous stuff up there. You can easily access this compartment so it is good to keep nutrition, electronics, maps, rain cover (the rain cover comes with the pack and fits nicely over the pack and cinches tight around it), keys , etc up there. It easily detaches from the main pack by a single snap and can be worn as a fanny pack. On the front of the pack, there is a large front pocket that does not zip or close but can be cinched tight by the pull of a strap. Outside the pocket is what I call the spider bungee. I usually put my rain gear in there so I can get to it quickly when the rain sneaks up on me. There are ice axe holders next to the front pocket that I used to hold my trekking poles when I am not using them. On each side at the bottom are holders for Nalgene type water bottles that I could easily grab while I wore the pack. There are also several places on the inside and out to attach carabineers for hanging extras. Once you get everything in the pack, it all can be easily compressed with the two side compression straps. I am sure I have missed some of the features and will find them the more I use the pack and will report them to you as I find them.

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