I recently had the great fortune of spending three nights backpacking in the Smoky Mountains with my husband. I brought along my new High Peak Luna 65 + 10 backpack for the trip. The Luna 65 + 10 markd my first experience with a pack designed specifically for a woman’s body. Like all backpacks, it took some adjusting to get the perfect fit, but once I did during the first mile, it was very comfortable for our 20+ miles of hiking.

The pack is large enough to carry all the supplies and food you need for a multi-day trip while managing to keep the overall weight of your load low by weighing in at 5.85 pounds including rain fly. Compared to our other internal frame packs, it is much lighter and more comfortable. It has a detachable pack that can be worn around your waist as a fanny pack for day trips or side excursions. The Luna 65 + 10 also supports most hydration systems. The best feature of the pack is the easy to access main compartment. There is a pull away section on the front of the pack that allows you to easily access anything that is stored in the main compartment without stopping to unpack the entire pack from the top.

For safety the Luna 65 + 10 has a safety whistle attached to the chest strap and a blaze orange rain fly to attract attention, if need be. Luckily, I did not have to rely on either rescue feature during our trip, but I felt better knowing they were available. Even when we had an overnight torrential rain storm that drenched everything, including our packs, the Luna 65 + 10 showed its superiority to my husband’s pack by not absorbing nearly as much rain, i.e., water weight as his more dated pack. If you are like me and accustomed to hiking with a unisex or man’s backpack, suggest to your family that they surprise you with a Luna 65 + 10 for Mother’s Day. You will not only look quite fashionable with your pretty new pack, your shoulders and back will be able to tell the difference when you hit the trail with this pack designed with the contours of a women’s body in mind. The High Peak Luna 65 + 10 retails for $179.00, a great price for such a superior back pack.