As we all know, a good night of sleep can make or break any multi-day trek or camping excursion. My experience with sleeping pads is limited. I was so weight conscious when I thru-hiked the AT in 2008 that I only used the classic foam pad and had a lot of knot-inducing, uncomfortable nights as a result. So I jumped at the opportunity to test the High Peak Alpinismo Lite n Fast inflatable sleeping pad.

The Lite n Fast has a thin and flat shape with a diamond cut center layer of PU foam, which allows the mat to stay light weight (1.5 lbs) while remaining effective … and oh-so effective it was. I first laid on my back and found instant relief from a long day. Then I rolled onto my side and right on top of the thickest seam of my pants. In many cases, this is when one wakes in the night cursing their pad. Not so with High Peak’s Lite n Fast, which kept me comfortably suspended on a thin bed of air. I’m a belly sleeper, so the final test occurred when I flipped all the way over and happily found myself to be a relaxed and contented camper.

The thin mat (about 1 inch inflated) and mummy shape also give you a better chance of staying on the mat all night. On the AT, I was, at times, jealous of some of my fellow hikers when I saw them pull out big, puffy inflatable mats until I noticed many of them sadly rolling off of them during the night.

As a bonus, the fact that the High Peak Alpinismo Lite n Fast rolls up tightly and compact enough to toss in my daypack means not only will I be taking it out for overnight trips, but also for some serious mountain meadow napping and cloud watching on Saturday afternoons.